Aplidium® — antiknock octane booster additive (EURO-5)

The package of this additive includes:

  • Integration support at the customer's facilities;
  • free creation of the fuel formula for Aplidium® integration and correction of other components.

EURO-5 compliant!

The antiknock octane-boosting ingredient Aplidium® (derived from the Latin word "ecology") was created in our own petrochemical lab. The primary goal of the Aplidium® addition is to improve the proknock qualities of gasoline while it is being manufactured. The octane number of gasoline is increased by incorporating additives into the fuel. Aplidium® is a proprietary addition that meets Euro-5 criteria and is a viable alternative to N-Methylaniline (NMA).

As a result, Dandelion LLP now provides Aplidium® to customers. When MMA is substituted in a formula, the price has no impact on the end product's economics.

The additive test run

Aplidium® has been put to the test for three years. The additive composition has been modified and enhanced several times over this time.

  1. The first was a laboratory test in which the additive's proknock qualities were investigated;
  2. The second is a test in real-life situations. The car was loaded with fuel containing the additive, and the engine device was opened every 3000 kilometers driven to assess the influence of the additive components.