Complex Sport


The ability to change faster than your competition gives you a significant competitive edge.

Philip Kotler

Is Your business ready to change?

37% premium gasoline is preferred by a majority of car owners. Price is less important to them than product quality.

According to the research of Retail Loyalty and our observation.

What is more important to a car owner than premium fuel?

With multifunctional additive

Complex sport you get:

Cleaning engine from dirt
Increasing octane number
“easy start” provided by light fraction

*Are you prepared to provide your customers something they've never had before?

Sport G

Premium gasoline

Customer doesn't have to choose between multitude of additives, he is buying single high-quality product from you.

COMPLEX G, unlike the bulk of current additions, addresses a number of issues:

Cleaning the fuel system
Protection of engine form corrosion and deposits
Extra power by increasing octane number
Completeness and integrity of injection
"Easy start" provided by light fractions

Premium diesel fuel

The market of premium diesel fuel almost doesn’t exist.

Every year, the number of cars with diesel engines rises. As the demand for such vehicles grows, so does the supply. In the premium segment, demand is practically palpable. While carmakers are aware that diesel is more cost-effective than gasoline, fuel producers are unaware of this.

Premium diesel fuel

Was especially created to attract the considerable segment of consumers- owners of diesel cars.

What is purpose of Complex SPORT D?

Cleaning the fuel system
Protection of engine form corrosion and deposits
Increases power
«easy start» in cold weather
Reduces noise because of lubricating properties of fuel

About fuel quality

After the first fill, the difference between normal and premium fuels is palpable, and your customers will appreciate it.

You'll be selling the fuel that auto manufacturers built your clients' cars for!

The EURO-5 standards are met by Complex SPORT G and Complex SPORT D.

Laboratory studies have confirmed the product's quality and efficiency. We put it to the test in our own vehicles.

Advantages of selling premium fuel to you

You're gaining new customers and strengthening old ones' loyalty.
You'll be able to set your company apart from the competition by demonstrating that local gas stations aren't inferior to national networks.
You're selling a truly high-quality product that has no analogs in terms of qualities.
You make a lot of money because your product is in high demand. Every square meter of your gas station becomes more efficient.

What customer gets? What gasoline station gets?

Fuel Dosage Diameter of the wear spot Cetane number
Rosneft Diesel fuel K-5   421 52,9
Rosneft Diesel fuel K-5+ Complex Agro 2000 ppm 407 58,2
Gazpromneft Diesel fuel K-5   450 52
Gazpromneft Diesel fuel K-5+ Complex Agro 2000 ppm 409 58

*Dosage: 2,25 liters on 1000 liters: or 2 kg on 1 ton of Diesel Fuel. Price: 4653 $/ton = 4,19 $/liter (min batch - drum 180 kg). Fuel price increases: 0,009 cents $ per liter.

Fuel Dosage RON ROM
Rosneft 92 gasoline   92,3 83
Rosneft 92 gasoline +
2000 ppm
3000 ppm
Rosneft 95 gasoline   95,0 85,0
Rosneft 95 gasoline +
2000 ppm
3000 ppm
Gazprom 92 gasoline   92,6 83,0
Gazprom 92 gasoline +
2000 ppm
3000 ppm
Gazprom 95 gasoline   95,0 85,0
Gazprom 95 gasoline +
2000 ppm
3000 ppm

*Dosage: 2-3 liters per 1000 liters of gasoline. Price: 3750 $/ton = 3,40 $ per liter (min batch - drum 170 kg). Fuel price increases: 0,0068-0,0102 cents $ per liter.

Who buys premium fuel ?

Sport G

"Young rich people" between the ages of 18 and 30, who own a variety of cars, desire to set themselves apart from the competition. They adore fast-paced environments and new ideas.
"Economists" people who try to cut out on everything: fuel consumption, low transport tax, repair cost.
"Pedants" take good care of their cars, try to figure out everything on their own, and embrace new technology.

Sport D

Men between the ages of 30 and 45 are considered "innovators." Owners of various types of automobiles. They enjoy doing new and unusual things in order to set themselves apart from the crowd. They value high-quality fuel as well as novel ways.
Men in their 30s and 50s who own new pricey cars (3-5 years). They purposefully chose a diesel engine because of its power and low fuel usage.
Owners of German cars no older than 3-5 y.o. Like emotions brought by their cars, carefully looking for trends.

What customer get? What gasoline station gets?

You are not only purchasing an additive; you are also purchasing full documentary and marketing support:

Brand book for gas station decor.
Marketing materials set and Internet advertising.
Certificates that confirming fuel quality.
Sales script for operators.
Monitoring sale statistics and client's feedback.

Branding for gas stations. In addition to outdoor advertising and printed products, light boxes, information steles, hinged groups, and fuel dispensing devices are used to mark gas stations.

Why now?

In your industry, there is a lot of competition.
It necessitates quick and accurate decisions.
Collaboration (cooperation?) with a trustworthy partner is the solution that will ensure that your gas station rises to new heights.
The sooner you make your decision, the higher your profit will be. We believe in it as much as we believe in our goods.