Services for advice on fuel components

Professional consulting on the use of fuel additives in gasoline, diesel fuels, middle distillates, vacuum gas oil, fuel oil, and oil — providing unique knowledge of the use of fuel components in production and bringing the physical and chemical characteristics of light and dark oil products to the required level.

What are the benefits of advising on fuel components?
  • A highly competent laboratory professional will choose the formula that best meets your demands, and our skilled management will make it cost-effective and practical.
  • The team of experts will set up all of the necessary circumstances for the introduction of gasoline additives into manufacturing, lowering costs.
The following services are included under consulting:
  • Analyze the quality of the client's base (the first oil product accessible);
  • Work on developing new formulations in accordance with the technical needs of the customer;
  • analysis of the efficacy of utilizing the selected approach with an economic rationale; evaluation of the strategy for incorporating fuel components into manufacturing;
  • aid with technological issues;
  • Additives for diesel fuels, intermediate distillates, vacuum gas oils, and fuel oil are being developed.
  • designing experimental-industrial trials at the customer's facilities and performing them.

The development of the additives for reduction of pour point, cold filter plugging point and providing of higher sedimentation stability of diesel and light heating fuels

Our organization collaborates with a research institute to produce additives that lower the pour point and the clogging point of cold filters.

From the customer's perspective, the additive concentration is chosen based on the fuel quality and composition.

Appearance Viscous liquid from light grey to light brown color
Kinematic viscosity of the additive at 50 °C, mm2/sec, max 120
Pour point of the additive, °C, max 10
Flash point of the additive, °C, min 30
Pour point depression of diesel fuel of the "L" brand with 0,05 % wt. of the additive, °C, min 10
Cold filter plugging point depression of diesel fuel of the "L" brand with 0,05 % wt. of the additive, °C, min 12
Pour point depression of heating fuel containing 0,1 % wt. of the additive, °C, min 13
Pour point depression of marine fuel containing 0,1 % wt. of the additive, °C, min 15

Experimental results on the use of the additive in different middle distillates

Fuel Concentration of the depressant-dispersion additive, % wt. Тpp,°C CFPP,°C Depression Тpp,°C Depression ТCFPP,°C
Diesel fuel (L)-1 0 -22 -7
0,05 -32 -20 10 13
Diesel fuel (L)-2 0 -28 -4
0,05 -40 -19 12 15
Diesel fuel L-0,05-62 0 -26 -6
0,1 -38 -22 12 16
Heating fuel-1 0 -14 -1
0,05 -34 -5 20 4
Heating fuel-2 0 -5 8
0,15 -34 3 29 5
Heating fuel-3 0 -4 11
0,15 -25 6 21 5
Low-viscous marine fuel 0 -12 4
0,1 -38 2 26 2

Тpp – pour point
ТCFPP – cold filter plugging point