Drop® – сombustion catalyst

Combustion catalyst Drop®

Catalyst for combustion Drop® is a product that was developed as a consequence of cutting-edge technology. Drop® optimizes the engine's primary operating parameters for automotive fuels and the combustion process. Drop® - a 1% total addition that raises the octane number from 8 to 12 units, depending on the starting product.

Advantages of Drop® additive:

  • Main substance content in Drop® additive 99%
  • No change of petrol color
  • Low content of foreign particles providing high purity grade of product
  • High stability to oxidation during storage
  • Reduces of tar formation during storage
  • Got lubricity effect to petrol

Mixing Technology of gasoline and drop:

The technique of combining Drop® additive and gasoline is similar to that of mixing the other motor fuel components. It's vital to remember, too, that the density of additives is higher than the density of fuels. The concentration of booster in the bottom half of the tank will be higher than in the top section of the tank if mixing is insufficient.

Laboratory tests of Drop®:

Patterns of gasoline recipes:

Regular 92 + 1,3% of Drop®= Premium 95

Premium 95 + 1,5% of Drop®= Super 98

Recipe of premium 95 (AI -95)

Weigh 400, 00 gm of Regular gasoline (AI-92) that is equal to 98,7% of total mass and add 5,3 gm of Drop®, equal to 1,3% of total mass. Pour the additive carefully into gasoline and stir thoroughly till homogeneous mass. Evaluate the octane number by motor and research methods.

Recipe of Super 98 (AI-98)

Weigh 400,00 mg of Premium gasoline (AI-98), which accounts for 98.5% of total mass, and 6,1 gram of Drop®, which accounts for 5% of total mass. Pour the additive into the gasoline slowly and completely, stirring constantly until it forms a uniform mixture. Make an octane number examination using both motor and research approaches.

Test results of Drop® additive

Drop® additives research method diagram