Complex Truck

Specialized diesel fuel for heavy-duty operation of internal combustion engines of trucks

Complex Truck - is a diesel fuel additive used to refill trucks, tractors, and other special equipment. Specialized diesel fuel meets or surpasses the EURO-5 standards, allowing imported equipment to run on the fuel it was designed for. Complex Truck passes independent laboratory tests and increases the internal combustion engine's service life in any running situation.

What does a Complex Truck give you?

Fuel economy up to 8%
by improving the power and cleaning the injectors, which allows for a more complete and finely dispersed fuel infusion into the combustion chamber
Resource extension
enhanced fuel lubricity by 30%, making the fuel pump operate more smoothly and protecting the COMMON RAIL nozzle from wear.
Protects the fuel system from corrosion and deposits, cuts off condensate, and develops a layer on injector and fuel injection pump rubbing mechanisms.
Protection against theft
The addition contains a specific red gasoline pigment that colors the fuel red, protecting the consumer from theft in storage and equipment operations.
Deposits on the injectors and the entire fuel line are removed, and the injectors and fuel line are protected from new appearance.
increase in power by up to 13% due to an increase in the cetane number of fuel

*Does not change the frost resistance of winter diesel fuel, does not treat the performance of diesel fuel: sulfur, flash, fractional composition, etc.

Tests on the stand

As a result of tests on the stand, an increase in engine power was recorded by selecting the torque of the wheels. A Mercedes-Benz Actros tractor of 3-year working operation was selected for testing. Detailed measurement indicators can be found in the reports of the MAHA stand model LPS 3000 LKW.

Results of using the additive on different fuel bases

Base Fuel Dosage Diameter of the wear spot Cetane number
Rosneft diesel fuel   421 52,9
Rosneft diesel fuel + Complex truck 2000 ppm 407 58,2
Gazprom diesel   450 52
Gazprom diesel + Complex truck 2000 ppm 409 58

*Dosage: 2 liters on 1000 liters of Diesel fuel

How to use Complex Truck

Pour 2 liters of additive into 1000 gallons of diesel fuel.
An additive is added to the storage tank:
  • if the level is higher than the dead residue, the additive is added before the fuel is drained.
  • if at the level of the "dead residue", then first half of the volume of the tanker is drained, after which the additive is added.
The fuel is drained into the container, and the additive is combined and ready to use at this point.

Mixing the additive in the field

The additive is measured in the proportion of 1 liter per 500 liters of diesel
An additive is added to the tank before refueling
The additive is completely blended and ready to use throughout the tank filling process.

The difference between conventional and specialized fuel is noticeable from the first refueling, and you will appreciate it.

Advantages of using an additive

You reduce the risks of damage when delivering low-quality raw materials
You extend the life of the engine of the equipment, save on maintenance and repair
You reduce fuel consumption by up to 8% due to improved fuel distribution during injection
You increase the efficiency of the engine by increasing the cetane number to 10%
Confirmed by tests, the increase in engine power by 13%
You get a fully packaged and ready-to-use product