MOLECULE® — antiwear (lubricity improving) additive

2-EHN Siberia – cetane improver additive


This additive is designed for EURO low-sulfur diesel fuels with a sulfur level of less than 100 parts per million (ppm). Molecule® is a hydrocarbon-based combination of fatty carboxylic acids.

Technical characteristics

The antiwear additive, when added to low-sulfur fuels from various oil refineries at a concentration of 200 ppm, increases the fuel's lubricity qualities by 50–40%. (wear scar diameter diminishes to 370-330 micron). GOST R 52368 specifies a maximum WSD of 460 microns, with a suggested WSD of 400 microns. The lubricating performance of the additive was tested on HFRR using the ISO 12156 technique.